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Movement is medicine. Strength can be healing. 

Whether you aim to build significant muscle mass, refine your body composition for your sport, or simply want to feel happier and more confident in your skin, how you train your body will determine both the shape it takes, and what its capable of. 

If you're new to training, or have struggled with consistency in the past there's likely a reason for your struggle. The right training plan is uniquely adjusted to be yours. This means accounting for how each health pillar in your life influences your readiness to train. There is no one single correct way to train, but there is a correct way to structure your training for your goals. With a comprehensive look at your history with activity, we help you create plans that are intrinsically motivating, adapted to your schedule and as dynamic as your interests are!

As a high performer, new progress is often found in the minutia. Refine your training efficiency or redefine new peak performance with a holistic look at how your training choices impact your goals. An integrative approach to your periodization is essential if you aim to unlock your peak potential.

Body Language training plans scale to your goals, adapt to your unique needs and assess how your body has been molded by your lifestyle to elevate your performance from a stronger foundation.


All Body Language services can be submitted to your benefits, contact us for more information. 



A flexible muscle is a stronger muscle. If peak performance, training longevity or simple comfort in your body sounds important to you, mobility must be addressed. Healthy, balanced, functional movement expression is both an antidote to our sedentary lifestyles, and the answer to achieving peak performance in your sport.  The language of mobility takes investment, just like progress in any training, but neglecting this kind of communication with your body can have broad reaching impacts on essential parts of your life including:

  • Muscle activation

  • Peak strength, reaction time and coordination

  • Sleep quality

  • Recovery speed

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Focus and energy

  • Balance and proprioception

  • Personality


Body Language emphasizes teaching you how to listen more closely. We equip you with structured, safe approaches to refine your ear for sensations unique to this kind of training. An ear for fine sensory detail helps you pursue better joint and muscle movement expression from a holistic place of curiosity. We equip you with the tools, knowledge and techniques you need to build an entirely new relationship with just how bendy you can make your body. Our prescriptions account for the unique loads , stressors and positions your sport or lifestyle require from you in order to target your work where your body needs it most.

All Body Language services can be submitted to your benefits, contact us for more information. 

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