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Functional Natural Movement Flow
National Rock Climbing Coach

Matt is passionate about movement, training efficiency, and play. With multiple top 10 results in international events and podiums in dozens of competitions across Canada, Matt's voice is honed through 20 years experience as an athlete, coach, trainer and biohacker.

Matt's history as a high performing climber equips him with a unique voice and perspective when supporting athletes. Matt has supported many of Canada's top climbers in pursuit of their best competition results.


Sharing the wisdom of high performers with those new to training can be transformative. Athletic perspective is a powerful tool to transform your relationship to training, self image and outlook, for life changing results.

Matt has helped elite teams across Canada redefine 

performance goals through his innovative approach to movement, training , community and a personalized mental tools.

Competition rock climbing professional climber
National Climbing Team

Matt has influenced climbing communities across Canada from Montreal to Vancouver. He's supported many of Canada’s top athletes in preparation for international events, coached  with Canada's National Team, and guided athletes toward Climbing's Olympic Debut in Tokyo.

Climbing is a young sport actively undergoing evolution year by year, a fact that has kept Matt’s approach to coaching dynamic, creative and fun.



Matt is currently completing certification in the  Trauma Informed Therapy approach Compassionate Inquiry .

This modern and deeply humanizing approach emphasizes bravely exploring traumatic experience through a delicate mind-body dialogue. Somatic, emotional and bodywork tools may be used in exploring your relationship to your trauma. Clients work to explore, reprocess and understand their relationship to trauma to grasp its influence on their lives more clearly. 

From this point of deep mindbody understanding, we are empowered to live life in the present. Mindful of the myriad ways trauma has shaped and informed our behavior,  molded our personalities,  created our addictions and scaffolded our own self imposed limitations in life. 

Live free from the blind spots and burden of your trauma by understanding anew how its shaped you.

Compassionate Inquiry Trauma Informed Therapy

Matt is a certified personal trainer, experienced coach, performance nutrition expert and bodyworker.  Matt is a self starter, a loving student of the body, mind and training performance. His philosophy for growth is founded in being a life long learner, this keeps his practice grounded in science and ensures his methods constantly evolve to work better.

Matt's passion and enthusiasm are contagious and help to reinforce the athletic culture he fosters. Through celebrating curiosity, play and creative discipline, Matt encourages the development of a deeper relationship with one’s body.


Training smarter, not only harder, is the mantra that governs this philosophy. Matt believes it is essential to have fun with one’s training in order for it to have staying power. This means  enjoying the learning process, becoming a humble student of your goals and embracing a healthy dose of creativity for maximum results.

Expert Coach Youth Coach Climbing
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