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Kyra's eye for the body is truly something unique. Her experience in high performance circus and gymnastics enhances her understanding of strength, movement, injury and the biomechanics that influence how we move with our bodies. Kyra can help you identify these patterns to prevent future injury, and enhance current performance in many contexts.

Kyra has a masters of science in physiotherapy and holds a diploma in Advanced Canine Rehab through the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Kyra has volunteered as a physiotherapist in East Africa collaborating and teach health care professionals and treating athletes. 

Kyra is completing her masters of arts in clinical counselling and a diploma in psychedelic assisted therapy through Vancouver Island University.


Kyra’s training as a Certified Yoga Teacher and Gymnastics coach who offers her patients unique therapeutic options for movement in their recovery.

BA in Psychology, Masters of Science in Physical Therapy, Sports Injuries, Functional Dry Needling (IMS), Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Vestibular Therapist, Paediatrics. Diploma in Advanced Canine Rehab.


Kyra holds a Masters in Physiotherapy. In her practice, Kyra uses a holistic analysis of activity, lifestyle and injury history to determine the root cause, rather than simply treating symptoms. Kyra emphasizes a balance between treatment, movement and education to empower her patients to lead a healthy lifestyle regardless of injury history and other diagnosis. 


Kyra utilizes the following in her practice:

-Functional dry needling / IMS

-Connect Therapy™ Courses : Thorax + Foot / -Ankle

-Chronic Pain, CRPS 

-Prehab/ Rehab/ Prevention for sportsLevel I manual therapy with Orthopedic Division -Vestibular Therapy (dizziness / vertigo)

-Neurokinetic Therapy

-Certified Yoga Teacher

-Therapeutic Exercise


Kyra also has a special interest in Paediatrics for :  

-Torticollis of the neck

-Growth and development related problems -Pain, CRPS

-Sports-related injuries 


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