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Psychedelic experiences can sometimes be challenging to make sense of. Integration refers to the unique and personal processes that support us processing, understanding and making life long use of what we've experienced. Psychedelic experiences typically take two forms: 

Recreational Use


Psychedelic experiences with friends, at a party or by ourselves can be beautiful ways to explore and foster connection, but things don't always stay pleasant during our experience in these contexts. If you're struggling as a result of a challenging recreational experience, or as a result of accidental ingestion, integration support can help you unpack, understand and come to terms with challenging material that may have emerged.

Medicine Work

On the other side of the healing journey, the real work begins. Healing through  Psychedelics requires careful and intentional integration to maximize learning, the staying power of positive change and deepen your journeys healing value. If you've completed a guided experience with Psychedelics or want to prepare for an upcoming journey and are looking to deepen the value of your experience, integration support can help 

Matt practices Trauma Informed Therapy using Compassionate Inquiry, an approach designed by Gabor Mate.


While this approach was pioneered for trauma work, its toolset is also profoundly valuable in support of psychedelic integration. By encouraging a curious approach to understanding, we explore your experience using somatic, bodywork, and breathwork tools. "Parts work" may also be used where relevant to expand and understand the various aspects of personality and self that can emerge through ones Psychedelic journey.

If you've had a psychedelic experience that continues to challenge you, or need support with preparation, integration can help you make sense of what you've experienced.

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