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Our bodies communicate with us on more levels than most of us understand. Lifestyle choices, repetitive training or injuries all cement themselves into our tissues over time.

Left unaddressed, our bodies develop elaborate and interconnected networks of compensations in an attempt to correct for these imperfections, but these compensations often come at a cost. Stiffness, tightness, numbness and tingling, pain in myriad forms, weakness and lowered performance.

If you feel like you've lost movement, strength, or fine control , Bodywork may help. Its approach emphasizes a powerful rewiring of your central nervous system and its relationship to the parasitic tension nets that can manifest in our meat vehicles. This is a profoundly impactful way to reconnect to your body,  to reclaim communication and control of suffering tissue and move through your world with new ease. 

For athletes, Bodywork helps deepen your communication with your body by up regulating proprioception, hydrating tissues and increasing blood flow to high use areas. Pairing Bodywork with your training may increase performance, recovery time, and fine motor control regardless of how you use your body in sport.

Matt collaborated with Adaptive Bodywork founder John Sutherland to create a video that explains how this innovative approach to therapy can change bodies, performance, and lives.

All Body Language services can be submitted to your benefits, contact us for more information. 

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