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Nicole's keen interest in anatomy is inspired in part by her unique athletics background.

The strength and grace garnered from her years training as a dancer, aerialist and soccer player enhances her approach as an empathetic and attentive practitioner of massage.

Massage can be an incredible tool to manage the stresses daily work and life places on our bodies and our minds.

Nicole also understands the demands athletes put on their bodies and can enhance your muscle maintenance and recovery timelines for better performance.

Regardless of why you're seeking Massage, Nicole's strong, skillful and careful hands have you covered.


Nicole graduated from Vancouver Career College with specialized training in :

-Swedish Massage

-Myofascial Release
-GTO Release
-Trigger Point Therapy
-Passive and Active stretching
-IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)
-Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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