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Nutrition matters. If you're neglecting this pillar in life you're profoundly limiting your potential. Fad diets, dogmatic nutrition outlooks and misinformation abound these days, but what actually affects how you feel, perform and live ?

Each of us has a different relationship to food, the question that matters is is what, when and how you eat supporting you in other areas of your life, or is contributing to what holds you back? 

Our approach helps you take an honest look at the aspects of your nutrition that foster health, strength, longevity and performance and which pieces might be adding unwanted friction to your life.



Home or home gym visits are available for all Body Language services and can be organized to meet your schedules specific needs. This is a great way to save time commuting with the added benefit of a familiar and comfortable environment. Home or gym visits can be a fantastic and efficient way to address the needs of your entire family or team in an afternoon! We offer discounted rates for multiple bookings at the same location.


Our services focus on scientifically informed, research based approaches that take you where your goals lie safely, efficiently, and sustainably. We take your personal goals into consideration in designing a plan that strikes a balance between treatment, education, routine modification and training.

Our home visits consist of :


  • Personalized assessment

  • Manual therapy

  • IMS/ dry needling

  • Exercise prescription

  • Discussion of lifestyle factors

  • Goal setting support

All treatments include a comprehensive take home plan including :


  • Videos of your exercises

  • Clear explanations for physio and rehab prescriptions

  • Personalized guidance for lifestyle factors like nutrition, sleep and training.

Home Visits through Body Language adhere to a carefully considered COVID19 safety screening process. Practitioners and all participants wear PPE.


If you're interested in arranging a home visit for you or your family, reach out today! There's no better time to start learning why you feel how you feel , and building better health strength into your life.

All Body Language services can be submitted to your benefits, contact us for more information. 

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